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Facilities Management Software - Reinvented

Visual FM will save you money, reduce your paperwork, improve your workflow, keep you compliant and transform the way you carry out planned and reactive maintenance.

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Visual Maintenance Software

The VisualFM system allows you to track, manage, and organise all elements of your maintenance operations - VISUALLY


Maintenance Management

Easy for Everyone
From Sky Level to Eye Level

Visual Track Your Assets

With Our Unique Visual Management Platform

Our unique visual, facilities management platform can help you manage and track your assets to help you form the ultimate compliance solution for all your planned and reactive maintenance.

  • Remotely view each individual asset inside your buildings
  • Get real-time information on servicing schedules and work completed
  • Never miss a planned maintenance target again with our unique alert system


What's in Our Unique Facitilies Software

Reactive Maintenance costs can be as much as 300% more than Planned Maintenance

never miss a schedule again with Visual FM.

Visualise Your Assets

With Visual FM

Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate facilities management platform combining a plethora of the latest technology.

Internal and external visuals all on one platform. 

Standalone 3D camera scanner for visual reality and augmented reality technology.  Scan real spaces and create highly immersive 3D models , architecture room , interior and building.

3D Lidar Scanning

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FM Software

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Drone Footage

All of the above combined on one platform

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Facilities Management - Future Proofed

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

With our preventative maintenance management system you can

  • 01Easily Store Documents and Data
  • 02Maximise the Longevity of Assets
  • 03Schedule Reactive and Planned Maintenance